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SBA Streamlines the License Process for Entrepreneurs

Building a start-up company in a day…wouldn’t that be the dream. Well, now it’s within reach! In alliance with the National League of Cities, the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Start up in a Day initiative is striving to make it easier for entrepreneurs to get their business up and running by reducing the amount of time it takes to register and apply for permits and licenses at the local level. Considering all that goes into kick-starting a business, this assistance is extremely helpful, as new business owners must set up a legal structure, learn local zoning laws, apply for multiple licenses and permits, and navigate through city, county, state and federal requirements. With all that’s involved, it’s easy to get bogged down and defeated in the preliminary stages, oftentimes delaying or deterring business owners from opening the doors of their business. For business owners and entrepreneurs, the SBA initiative aims to streamline and support this hectic process.

Along with SBA’s Start Up in a Day initiate, President Obama recently called on city halls, nationwide, to pledge to consolidate all processes required to start a business into one, simple online tool. The goal is to enable entrepreneurs to easily apply for city, county, state, and federal licenses and permits needed to start a business, in 24 hours. Entrepreneurs rejoice!

According to a survey sponsored by the nonpartisan Kauffman Foundation, it’s evident that the mundane hoops that budding entrepreneurs jump through discourages them from pursuing their business. It’s crucial to have licenses and permits for the safety and legitimacy of the business, but simplifying the process will make it easier for small businesses to start their businesses successfully, and in a way that allows them to spend the majority of their time refining their actual business.

Communities across the United States are encouraged to get involved in the pledge and initiative to streamline small business operations, including local Tennessee cities like Chattanooga! Hopefully, Knoxville will soon join the trend and take this powerful pledge.

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