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“Subcontract Management from A to Z” Seminar Scheduled for April 1, 2015

The East Tennessee chapter of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) is proud to be hosting a one-day National Education Seminar (NES) titled “Subcontract Management from A to Z,” which will focus on unique topics that pertain to subcontract management with the U.S. Federal Government.

This seminar’s unique focus will include topics that make subcontract management different under a prime contract, in which the contractor sells equipment, supplies, materials, and services directly to the U.S. Federal Government. Subcontract management, under a government prime contract, is a hybrid between the company’s commercial subcontracting requirements and the federal government’s subcontracting requirements. Completing this seminar will help you obtain a greater understanding of the complexities that surround subcontract management, as it will cover 32 essential subcontract management topics under four major categories:

  1. Organization
  2. Sourcing
  3. Awarding
  4. Managing

The course outline for these units of study (found at the bottom of the linked page) breaks down each category’s learning points.

“Subcontract Management from A to Z” will be instructed by three experienced and knowledgeable government contracting professionals: Faye Orick, Judy Franklin, and Tina Richards (read bios). With their help, participants of this government contracting seminar will learn about organizing, sourcing, awarding, and managing subcontracts, but they’ll also learn the following:

  • Why subcontract management is important.
  • How subcontract management relates to other disciplines.
  • How subcontract management is organized within the procurement organization.
  • The requirements for a purchasing system.
  • The subcontract management model.
  • The importance of defining subcontractor requirements.
  • How to find and select responsible subcontractors.
  • The subcontractor compliance and business ethics requirements.
  • The key component of nondisclosure and teaming agreements with subcontractors.
  • How contracting clauses are flowed down to the subcontractors.
  • How to manage the key issues during the performance of subcontracts.
  • The subcontract pricing requirements for noncommercial and commercial subcontracts.

We hope you get a chance attend this full-day educational event. Not only will you be able to connect with experts and colleagues in the federal contracting industry, but you’ll also earn 7 Continuing Education Credits! Space is limited, and registration ends March 15, 2015, so don’t delay! Register Here.

WHO: The East Tennessee chapter of NCMA

WHAT: “Subcontract Management from A to Z”

WHERE: Double Tree Hotel – 215 South Illinois Avenue – Oak Ridge, TN 37830

WHEN: Wednesday April 1, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT

INFO: Fees, Registration, Cancellation Policy, Contact

PROVIDED: Lunch and an afternoon snack. 7 Continuing Education Credits.





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