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Technical Proposal and Pricing Workshop

“Responding to proposal” are three words that typically don’t inspire happy, patient thoughts. However, it’s important to understand that responding to a Request for Proposal (RPF) is time consuming and can be extremely frustrating because of the high level of detail that goes into creating one. But alas, they are a necessary part of the entrepreneurial venture, and learning how to write a great one will exponentially further your business.

RFPs are solicitations made by an agency or company that’s interested in procuring a commodity or service. To obtain these commodities or services, companies or agencies must work their way through a bidding process that involves a series of business proposals that are submitted at certain stages. The RFP itself presents preliminary requirements for the commodity or service, and may involve certain requirements pertaining to structure and format. With RFPs, there’s much more involved than requesting a price. In fact, effective RFPs are essential and should inform, alert, allow, and ensure that suppliers follow particular requirements.

Want to learn more about effective RFPs, technical proposals, and pricing? Join us on Thursday, November 12, 2015 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, as we team up with Crown Point Consultants to host a free workshop that will examine two crucial aspects of a RFP response.  These points will help eliminate some of the difficulty involved in responding to proposals and provide more insight on how to create a RPF that gets accepted. During the Technical Proposal and Pricing Workshop, Alan Baker of Crown Point Consultants will cover the necessities of a successful technical pricing proposal. He will be followed by Laura Davis, of Strategic Consulting Solutions, who will concentrate on the area of pricing volume.

The free workshop will cover the following areas:

Technical/Management and Past Performance Volumes:

  • General
  • Technical/Management Volume
  • Past Performance Volume
  • Publishing and Delivery

For specific topics relating to technical/management and past performance volumes, visit the event page at Strategic Consulting Solutions. Keep in mind that many areas will touch on the topic of compliance and what you need to successfully manage technical pricing proposals and volumes.

Proposal Pricing:

  • Review of Solicitation and Requirements
  • Proposed Indirect Rates
  • Proposed Direct Costs
  • Profit/Fee
  • Competitive Tips/Tricks

RPFs are an industry norm, and you’ll want to make sure you make the most of each one that you encounter because of the new opportunities they present. Attend this workshop and refine a skill that could open up new doors for your business. The workshop is FREE and a light lunch will be served. Up to 3 CPE credits will be awarded to all attendees. Register here.

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