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Join us for an Informative Session on Preparing an Incurred Cost Submission

Did you know that the deadline for preparing your Incurred Cost submission is June 30, 2020? It might seem like a long time away, but if your business is like ours, time flies. Whether you’re new to the process, or want to ask the deepest questions, we have an event we’d love for you to […]

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Current Issues For Government Contractors

The planning for the SCS 2015 Annual Government Contracting Seminar is well under way, and as we’ve planned, we’ve compiled a list of topics that cater to the immediate interest of government contractors. With this list, our goal is to facilitate an informative and relevant seminar. Thus far, we’ve compiled a pretty outstanding list, and […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Strategic Consulting Solutions!

At Strategic Consulting Solutions, we believe that this really is the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year!’ Most government contractors may find it hard to embrace that sentiment in December – given all the madness and year-end requests one might experience – but we believe that there’s still always an opportunity for happiness and joy. […]

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Business Development in Government Contracting

Business development involves identifying and qualifying new business opportunities and then determining which to pursue. Doing business with the Government can be difficult, time consuming, and at times, can lack profitability.  The best thing you can do is fundamentally understand your business practices, your capabilities, and your business goals, as well as the process of acquiring contracts. […]

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