Strategic Consulting Solutions, Inc.

Accounting Services

Expertise in a Wide Range of Services, Software, and Applications

Strategic Consulting Solutions, Inc. offers expertise in accounting software such as:

  • Deltek® First Essentials (GCS Premier)
  • Deltek® Costpoint
  • Deltek® Time and Expense Collection
  • Cognos® Impromptu
  • QuickBooks®

Our services include:

  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Training
  • Customized Documentation
  • Outsourced Accounting

Implementation Experience – Software implementation and support is one of our primary services. We have implemented First Essentials (GCS Premier), Costpoint, Time Collection, and eFAACT® for many clients. Since most of these software packages utilize Cognos Impromptu, we also offer support with report writing and training on Impromptu. Our approach to the implementation involves detailed planning, constant monitoring, and quality design of the implementation. We help you design the software in a way that will allow growth and change for your company.

Deltek First Essentials (GCS Premier) – Our careers started out using System I and followed on to implementing First Essentials (GCS Premier) for many clients. We have been involved in all modules within the software and have used the software in-house extensively.

Deltek Costpoint – Our experience dates back to the inception of Costpoint. We were among the early beta users of Costpoint. We have implemented Costpoint both from an internal and external standpoint. We have used the software as Controllers and Accounting Managers and know what is needed to make the software perform at its optimum level. We have developed tools to import data into Costpoint to eliminate errors in data entry during implementations.

Deltek Time and Expense Collection – Many companies who chose either Deltek First Essentials (GCS Premier) or Costpoint also elect to implement Deltek Time and Expense. This is an extremely effective product to automate time keeping and reporting. We have implemented Deltek Time and Expense for clients in a variety of businesses.

Cognos Impromptu® – Many accounting software packages utilize Impromptu for report writing. We have developed an assortment of reports for companies to meet their specific requirements. We also provide training to companies on the use of this product.

Interim Support For Accounting Departments – During our careers, we have all worked in various accounting positions including Accounts Payable, Payroll, Billing, and as Controllers. We can assume any of these roles for any company in search of a permanent employee. We also assist with the transition and training of the new personnel and helping select the right candidates. We are familiar with the industry and profession and can help identify qualified candidates.